How do I find and order the right lamp?

To find and order the correct lamp for your projector, you can use the following guide. Or simply write or call us and we will lead you through the complete ordering process.

How to find the page with the lamps for your equipment

You can either look for the lamp for your projector or TV according to the model name of your device, or according to the name of the lamp – the so-called product ID of the lamp (PartNo). You can find the model name of your projector on the label of the device. Finding the product number of the lamp is not always easy. It may be stated in the manual, or on the manufacturer’s website. If you are not sure of the product ID, it is better to look for the lamp according to the model of your projector. The process of searching for the correct lamp on our website is the same for both options, and you have the following choices:


  1. Use the quick guide

    Use the quick guide to projector lamps in the left column above. Click on the corresponding tab to choose whether you are searching for a product according to the model of the projector or the product ID of the lamp. Then click on the projector’s manufacturer. In the second box, click on your projector model or the product ID.

  2. Via main menu

    Click on the Lamps for projectors or Lamps for TVs icon in the main menu. On the next page, click on the manufacturer of your device and on the following page click on the model of your device, or on the product ID of the lamp.

  3. Use search function

    Type initial letters from the name of the product into the search box at the top of the page, and the search engine will offer you corresponding products.

  4. Use the summary of brands

    If you click on the name of the manufacturer of your device in the left column, you will see the page with products from the chosen manufacturer. Then all you have to do is to find the device model number or the product ID of the lamp and click on it.

What to do if you cannot find the model number of the device

If you cannot find the model of your projector or product ID of the lamp, you can try the search function (just enter first several letters from product´s name). If this fails, try searching for another modification of the name – you may have forgotten a hyphen, put a gap instead or leave out the name of the model series, for example BrightLink or Powerlite. If you have failed to find the model number of the projector, try searching according to the product number of the lamp, or vice versa. If you cannot find the correct product even after trying these methods, write or call us.

How to choose the correct lamp

We offer several options of lamps for the majority of projectors and projection televisions. You can read about their differences and main advantages on the page with options for the lamps for your device. If you are still unsure about the choice of the lamp, the following advice may help:

How to order online

  1. Once you choose, place the lamp in the shopping cart by clicking on Add to shopping cart. If you need lamps for more projectors, repeat the previous process until you have everything you need in your cart.
  2. On the page with the content of the shopping cart check the goods you have ordered and its quantity. To change the ordered quantity, click on the number in the Quantity column or use the arrows next to the number. To remove an item from the cart, click on the red circle with a cross next to the corresponding item.
  3. If everything is correct, click on Continue with the order.
  4. Choose the method of payment and delivery.
  5. Fill in your details and delivery address. Please enter the address carefully, so that the courier does not get lost.
And that is all. We will inform you about receiving your order by e-mail. You will also be notified via e-mail once we dispatch your order.

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