Are the prices and the stock availability on the web up-to-date?

We know that the speed of delivery of new projection lamps is of critical importance to you. Therefore, we will do everything we can to make sure the data on stock availability and the prices of our products are always up-to-date. We update this information every day.

We maintain the data on thousands of models

Projector lamps sale might sometimes be quite a confusing field. Due to the huge amount of products and information about them, some mistakes might be made. There is a really huge number of projector lamps – we currently have records on nearly 15,000 models of projectors and nearly 1,000 models of projection TVs, for which we offer lamps. Although certain lamps are used in more models of projectors and TVs, there are still thousands of types of projector lamps. We also offer many of these in several options.

Fair and transparent approach

Certain sellers try to attract customers with their low prices, but when the customer decides to make a purchase, they tell the customer that the cheap chosenlamp is out of stock, therefore they are psushing them to buy a different product at a higher price. You do not need to worry about similar negotiation methods with us, as we prefer a fair and transparent approach to our customers. Nevertheless, in exceptional cases it may happen that you order a lamp for your projector from us, and we then inform you that unfortunately it is not available, or that the price is a little bit different. For example, it may occur that several orders for the same lamp arrive shortly after each other and we do not manage to update the change in stock availability on the website. There can also be an occasional mistake in the database of one of the suppliers. In such cases, we will contact the customers and offer them possible solutions.

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