Are prices and stock availability up to date on the website?

We know that the speedy delivery of your new projection lamp is of the utmost importance to you. Therefore, we do everything in our power to speed the entire process up by making sure stock availability and prices are always up to date. In fact, we update this information daily.

We have up-to-date information on thousands of models

The projector lamp business might sometimes seem like a rather confusing field – rest assured though, we are experts. There is a really huge number of projector lamps out there – we currently have information in our database on nearly 15,000 models of projectors and nearly 1,000 models of projection TVs, all of which we have lamps for. Although certain lamps are more widely used than others, there are still thousands of types of projector lamps out there. We also offer various options to choose from for each projector or TV model.

Fair and transparent approach

Certain sellers of projector lamps try to attract customers with their low prices. However, when a customer then attempts to purchase a lamp, they are told that the cheap lamp that they have chosen is out of stock and are therefore tricked into buying a different product at a higher price. You do not need to worry about such dishonest tactics with us, as we always use a fair and transparent approach. Nevertheless, in exceptional cases it may happen that you order a lamp from us, and we then inform you that unfortunately it is not available or that the price is a little bit different than the original listed price. There are certain reasons why this might happen. For example, it may be that several orders for the same lamp were placed around the same time and therefore we were not able to update  the change in stock availability on our website in time. Also, it is possible that an occasional mistake in the database of one of our suppliers has occurred. In such cases, we always promptly contact the customer and offer them possible alternatives.

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