I need a component which you do not offer; can you get it for me?

We try to fulfil all of our customers’ wishes. We are able to source lamps practically for all projectors and projection TVs, providing that it is not a very old model with a lamp of non-standard technology. If your device uses a mercury or metal halide bulb, we can certainly offer you a suitable replacement. If you need a component other than the lamp or if you are looking for accessories for your projector, such as a lens or holder, we will be pleased to request such products from our suppliers, but you need to expect a delivery timeframe of 1–2 weeks. It would help us if you included as much information as possible into your order, preferably add a photo of a requested product or at least a photo of the lamp and the label on the bulb, or a photo of the label on the projector with the model name/number, etc.

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