Projector lamps

No idea which lamp is the correct one for your projector? First find the manufacturer of your projector, then choose the model of the projector. Projector lamps are not cheap, but with us you have a choice. We offer several options of most common projector lamps so you can choose which one suits you best. The options vary in price, reliability, projection quality, and difficulty of the replacement process of the lamp in the projector, see the summary below.
If you are not sure you can manage to change the lamp in your projector, have a look at the short videoguide.

We offer lamps for the following projector brands

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Couldn't find the manufacturer of your projector?

In case the lamp of your projector model is not available in our offer, contact us, and we will try to find and offer you an alternative replacement lamp as quickly as possible.

Have a look at how easy it is to replace the lamp in the projector

In the first video guide, you will learn how to correctly dismantle the original lamp with the module from the projector and install a new one.

In case you have ordered a lamp without a module, check the second video which shows you the slightly more challenging replacement procedure of the bare bulb in the original lamp module.

We offer several types of projector lamps. The most common types are:

Projector lamps with the module

  • Original lamps for projectors
    If you choose an original lamp with the module, you can expect maximum reliability at a higher price. Changing the lamp is very easy. The lamp has an original plastic cage.
  • Generic lamps with the module
    This option offers comparable reliability to the original one however at a lower price. It consists of the bulb and the plastic cage therefore it is easy to change.
  • Non-original (compatible) lamps in non-original modules
    This type of lamp is much cheaper than the original ones. It offers sufficient level of reliability. Changing the lamp with the module is easy. The lamp is in a non-original plastic cage.

Projector lamps without the module

  • Original lamps without modules
    This option offers maximum reliability at a lower price.
    Changing the bare bulb, however, is more sophisticated than the option with the module. Careless handling may lead to reduction of product lifetime.
  • Non-original lamps without modules
    Bare, compatible bulbs are the most financially effective solution.
    They might not to be as reliable as original bulbs, changing them is more sophisticated compared to lamps with modules and careless handling may lead to reduction of product lifetime.
All types of lamps may be seen in the article: How do the various lamp types differ? Which should I choose?