Replacing a lamp

Lamps have a limited lifespan, meaning that sooner or later every owner of a projector or projection TV will need to replace the lamp. You can replace the lamp yourself or have it done by an expert.

I want to replace the lamp myself

Replacing the lamp yourself is the most advantageous alternative. You do not have to pay for the replacement and you also save the time, which you would have spent transporting the projector to the service. If you order a lamp with the module, anybody who owns a cross-point screwdriver can manage to replace the lamp. Replacing the lamp without a module is only recommended for experienced users. You can read more about the lamp alternatives here.

Our detailed Guide to replacing the lamps will certainly help you.

I want to have the lamp replaced

If you want to have the lamp replaced by an expert, then get in touch with a service or IT company, which deals with projectors. We recommend firstly finding your lamp on the internet, so that you know which lamp alternatives are sold for your projector and what their prices are. Then get in touch with the service company and agree on the replacement. It is usually convenient for the customer to order the lamp from the internet and only pay the service for the bulb replacement.

Please note that if you are planning to use the authorized service from the manufacturer of your projector, then you should certainly purchase an original lamp with the module. Again, it is more advantageous to buy it via the internet.

Have a look at this video on bulb replacement

To give you an idea of how easy it is to replace the lamps, have a look at our videos. Here, you will find demonstrations of how to replace the lamps in several popular types of projectors from the following brands Acer, BenQ, Epson, Panasonic and Sony and also a video on replacement of a bare bulb in a lamp.

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