Projector lamps and TV lamps

Projector lamps, TV lamps

We sell projector lamps and projection TV lamps and bulbs at great prices, with fast courier delivery.

At our store, you have plenty of choices: we offer all types of replacement projector lamps: original, generic and alternative (compatible) projector lamps modules and also bare bulbs.

Why buy projector lamps from us?

Projector lamps that are in stock will be shipped the same day and delivered within 1-2 working days depending on destination.

Should you have any special requirements or conditions, we'll be happy to find a solution for you. We offer special terms and conditions for our regular customers.

Best availability and great prices of projector and tv lamps

» we work with many suppliers to offer best availability and price
» if you find lamp cheaper elsewhere, let us know and we will try to beat their offer

Get 3% discount on your next projector lamps order

» get a 3% discount on your next purchase
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We offer more projector lamps and tv lamps types

» besides easily replacable lamp modules, we also offer cheaper bare bulbs
» you can choose original, generic or compatible lamp

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New additions to our TV and projector lamps portfolio

Lampa - bare

in stock

9,31 EUR

Lampa - bare

in stock

9,31 EUR

We offer projector lamps and TV lamps in all available versions

To better understand our offer we made following lamp types overview for you. We sell projector lamps in several versions. The lamp types differ mainly in price, difficulty of replacement and reliability. Our offer is made up of original as well as compatible projector lamps. Compatible projector lamps are usually manufactured by a different producer than the original lamps, nevertheless their quality and reliability is still very high. Their major advantage is certainly the price. Then we offer also bare bulbs without mounting cages, see next. Another type of projector lamps are those from Diamond Lamps co. – they are either original lamp modules assembled by Diamond Lamps, or bare bulbs from Philips. To choose the best option for you, please take a look at our more detailed lamp types overview.

Projector lamps / TV lamps with or without the cage?

We offer projector lamps and TV lamps both with and without cage – a.k.a. bare bulbs. Projector lamps without cages are recommended for those customers, who have some previous exprience with a lamp replacement, nevertheless with a bit of patiance everybody can manage that. When purchasing a bare bulb, you will use your current cage, from where at first take the old bulb out and then replace it by a new one. If you decide to buy a lamp with the cage, its replacement takes just a few steps and so it is very easy. For more information please take a look at Instructions for replacing a projector lamp.

How can I save money when purchasing projector lamps?

Regarding the price as an import purchase criterion, we offer projector lamps and TV lamps in several versions. Projector lamps without mounting cages represent the less expensive option. Another cheaper possibility is to buy lamps with compatible bulbs in stead of original ones. Original lamps in non-original cages as well as the alternatives from Diamond Lamps co. mentioned above are great compromise between quality and price.

Which types of projector lamps are reliable?

All projector lamps that we offer are highly reliable. However to get the best quality we recommend to buy either original projector lamps both with and without cages, or original projector lamps in non-original cage and so called Diamond lamps.

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