Can I order over the phone?

To ensure accuracy of the order, we only accept orders via our e-shop or in written form (by post or email). Orders by phone are not accepted because of frequent mistakes in the name, postal address or specification of the ordered items. The fastest way to order projector lamps is via our e-shop. If you need help with the online order, please use the guide we have prepared here. If you have any problems with ordering online, please feel free to call us and we will guide you through the ordering process step by step. That way you will have no problems ordering on your own next time.

Orders by email or regular post

If for any reason you prefer not to place an order via our e-shop, you can send us your order by email. In such cases, please include the following information:
  • precise description of the items you are ordering (e.g., lamp with/without housing, original/generic, etc.),
  • number of items
  • name and surname
  • name of company or organisation
  • invoice details
  • delivery address
  • methods of delivery and payment
Please include the same details in a written order sent by regular post. This method is often used by companies and state institutions. If you order in this way, please expect a slight delay in the processing of your order. However, you can reduce this delay considerably by sending the letter to our office address and not to our headquarters, see contacts.

If you already have all of the necessary info, simply choose the right one

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