The product photo does not match my lamp. Is it safe to order? Will I receive the right lamp?

There are many types of lamps for projectors. We are working hard to ensure that we have all of them well photographed on the web. However, you may occasionally find a photo marked as “illustration photo”. In such cases these are photos which do not show the lamp for the given projector. Nevertheless, you should not be afraid to order a lamp pictured with “illustration photo”. We will send you the correct lamp. In case you have found out that the photo of the lamp is not marked as an illustration, yet it still does not match your lamp, and you are sure that you are on the correct page with the lamps for your projector, then please let us now about this discrepancy. Even in this case you can make your order without worries; we will send you the correct lamp. Sometimes you might come across the case where our photo shows different mark and label of the bulb compared to the one you have at home. Do not worry about this as so-called original bulbs for projectors are manufactured by more manufacturers at comparable quality and are interchangeable without problems. For more information on this topic, have a look here. Rarely we might make a mistake and you might receive incorrect type of the lamp. If this happens, please send the wrong lamp back and we will immediately deliver the correct one.

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