When exactly will I receive a lamp which is currently out of stock?

If you have chosen a projector lamp with availability of 1-2 weeks, you can count on the order being processed within that time frame. A product labelled as such is not in stock and so we must order it from a supplier or manufacturer. In such cases, we are usually able to ship the chosen lamp approximately within a week. If you order a lamp at the end of the week, you will most likely receive it within 2 weeks of ordering, because we place orders with our suppliers every Wednesday afternoon.

What if the supplier does not have the lamp either?

In certain cases, the delivery of your projector lamp may take more than two weeks. The specific product may also happen to be out of stock with the supplier and must be ordered directly from the manufacturer – this is especially the case for original lamps with housing. If this turns out to be your case, we will get in touch with you and offer you alternative solutions. If you need the projector lamp more quickly, you can usually choose from other types of lamps. Or you can contact us directly and we will try to find something suitable for you.

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