METAVISION NHT576 Bulb Lamp part number: BL-FP250A

For your projector METAVISION NHT576, we can only offer an original bare bulb, meaning a bare lamp without housing. An original lamp without housing offers maximum projection quality and a minimum probability of defects or premature dimming.

Lamp without housing for METAVISION NHT576 projector
Lamp part number: BL-FP250A

METAVISION NHT576 Lamp without housing

Replacing a bare bulb in the original projector lamp housing is more challenging than replacing the complete lamp housing. We only offer this option as an original bare lamp without housing.

VIDEO - replacement of a bare bulb without housing

Bare bulb options

  • Original lamp without housing

    The original METAVISION NHT576 lamp is a bare bulb from one of the OEM manufacturers (Osram P-VIP, Philips UHP, Ushio, Matsushita, Iwasaki HSCR) and is designed to replace the lamp in your existing lamp housing. This solution is cheaper than a lamp with housing, although it requires a certain amount of manual skills. This option is recommended for customers who already have some experience with bare bulb replacement.

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