Why are projector lamps so expensive?

To enjoy a wonderful picture, your projector must feature natural and long-term stable colour rendering, sufficient resolution, high brightness and image contrast. This requires a strong and high quality light source.

Mercury lamps have proved to be the best option

Currently mainly mercury lamps are used in most projectors. Mercury lamps contain gaseous mixture with operating pressure up to 250 atmospheres, and have an internal operating temperature of about 1,300 degrees Celsius. With the usual power rating of between 120-300 watts, these lamps, provide a relatively long life as well as good quality picture during the lamp’s lifespan.

In order to achieve the best parameters, the lamps are manufactured using several patented technologies and expensive manufacturing equipment, which, of course, is reflected in their prices. If you are interested in the technology of lamps, you can read more about the E-TORL technology Epson UHE.

Who manufactures the projector lamps?

For completeness, it is also fair to state that the projector manufacturers themselves do not usually make the lamps for their projectors, but buy them from sub-contracted companies. Currently, there are only a few manufacturers of the original lamps for projectors: Iwasaki (HSCR), Osram (P-VIP), Matsushita/Panasonic (HS), Philips (UHP), Phoenix (SHP), Ushio (NSH) and Epson (UHE)

This however prolongs the supply chain of original lamps with the module between the lamp manufacturer and the end user. As a consequence, the price of the lamps is rising therefore besides the most expensive (but also most reliable) original lamps with modules, we also offer other alternatives, which can save you considerable sums of money – compatible and generic lamps and bulbs without the lamp module.

Beware of counterfeit lamps

Due to the high prices of original lamps, there has been a recent growth in offers of counterfeit (fake) lamps. These are the copies of the original lamps with modules, but in fact, they contain other bulbs of varying quality – from the better quality bulbs used for the spare parts market (e.g. Philips) to the lowest quality ones, so-called “no name” bulbs. These are mounted in non-original modules and should be sold as generic lamps if they contain quality bulbs from any of the above mentioned manufacturers of original projector bulbs, or as compatible lamps if they contain “no name” or other bulbs.

Unfortunately, these fakes are offered for sale as original parts, they even come in replicas of the original packaging in order to confuse the customers . By doing so, the manufacturers and sellers of counterfeit lamps break the law and damage the manufacturers of original lamp modules as well as customers, who in reality buy different product than they think and often pay more than they need to.

In our shop, you will not find such lamps. We value our customers and their satisfaction is one of our most important long-term goals. Nevertheless, such lamps can be easily found on the Internet and identified by the suspiciously low price, which does not correspond to the regular price of the original lamps with modules.

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