3M 1608 bulb Lamp part number: 78-8062-0930-6

For your projector 3M 1608 we can only offer an original bare bulb, meaning a bare lamp without the module. Original lamp without module offers maximum projection quality and minimum probability of defects or premature dimming.

Lamp without module for 3M 1608 projector
Lamp part number: 78-8062-0930-6

3M 1608 Lamp without module

Replacing a bare bulb in the original projector lamp module is more challenging than replacing the complete lamp module. We only offer original alternative of a bare lamp without module.

VIDEO - replacement of a bare lamp without module

Bare bulb options

  • Original lamp without module

    The original 3M 1608 lamp without module is a bulb from one of the OEM manufacturers (Osram P-VIP, Philips UHP, Ushio, Matsushita, Iwasaki HSCR) designed to replace the lamp in your existing lamp module. This solution is cheaper than a lamp with module but requires manual skills. Recommended for customers who already have experience with bare bulb replacement.

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